Main Roads WA are planning to replace the existing bridge over the Swanbourne railway station. Key issues to be considered about the Main Roads WA preferred option:

  • Creation of a visual eyesore in the middle of Swanbourne
  • Lack of pedestrian access and ramps
  • Disconnection of the Swanbourne village
  • Dominant concrete barriers
  • Demolition of heritage
  • Lack of access to the Swanbourne train station
  • Wasted land

If you care about Swanbourne and the Swanbourne Village, you can make your voice heard. There is a public meeting on Wed 24 October, and public consultation until Oct 31.

I’ve published a series of articles outlining the issues with the current Main Roads WA proposal and presented some suggestions on a better way of planning this important upgrade.

You can read all about it here:

Bridging Communities – Swanbourne Village