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Denise Pepper is a Perth based artist that works predominantly as a glass artist while also experimenting with diverse materials such as copper, acrylic and plastics.

Denise’s work is across large scale and elegant detailed art pieces. From Denise Pepper’s website:

“My art considers craftsmanship in fabrication of lace and embroidery by translating this textile-based research into unique art, delicate and complex and unapologetically decorative.”

Denise has exhibited multiple times in both the Sydney and Perth Sculptures by the Sea exhibitions, while most impressively exhibited in London’s Saatchi Gallery.

In Denise’s ‘copper lace’ works she explores the heritage of her own families pioneering women in colonial Australia. From Denise’s website:

“I highlight my reflections on the early women settlers and integrate this with my continuing interpretations of Lace making and embroidery crafts, by translating them into a complex and hand-crafted unique art piece, utilising Copper.”

It was Denise’s glasswork in ‘Take the Plunge’ that first caught my eye. The coloured glassworks are an extension of a previously exhibited work at Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe. From Denise:

“People can embrace life, the whole of the game just as they can resist. For one there is the chance to take the plunge. I wanted my game pieces to depict a human form but abstract as to be imitations as players in the game. I settled on the iconic game figure that so many of us are familiar with.”

These glassworks in the ‘Take the Plunge’ series were the perfect fit for our Baseline Hair Dressing Salon where the intention was to rotate and display the work of Perth based artists through the salon,  underlining the creative spirit of the salon.

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