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I had been interested in the work of Eveline Kotai for some time before my partner Suzie and I were lucky enough to obtain one of her creations at the Benefactors event, held by the Perth based ‘Art Collective WA’ gallery.

The Art Collective is a not-for-profit incorporated association where artists as members understand that there will be a collective approach to the running of the organisation and their outcomes reflect positively on members careers. Their vision is to bring value and respect to the work of Western Australian artists in an environment that celebrates their work.

Eveline’s own work has evolved from early studies of the landscape into evocative abstracts with patterns and colour that represent nature. Her media includes painted linen and wood to stitched collages and painted prints. John McDonald of the Sydney Morning Herald described Eveline’s work:

“In recent years she has developed a unique style whereby she cuts up her paintings into thin strips, and reassembles them as tightly knitted grids, using sewing machine to attach the strips to a canvas with invisible thread. The method is infinite in its applications. While her structures may be rigid, Kotai uses colour to create patterns and rhythms that dance on the canvas.”

I had the privilege of a tour of Eveline Kotai’s studio with her earlier this year. Her work certainly is varied in the media that she uses, whereas the message across all media is consistent.

Eveline’s work, with her use of colour and her referencing of the Western Australian bush, seemed so suitable to me to be located within Roscommon House. In these photos you can see one of her works within the reading room.

Eveline’s work has received numerous awards, been wildly exhibited and has been purchased by an impressive list of Collections. Her work is available via the Perth based Art Collective.

Photo Credits:

  • 1. Neil & Suzie private collection.
  • 2. Eveline Kotai’s work within the Roscommon House reading room.
  • 3. ‘Trip Detour’ courtesy of Eveline Kotai’s website.
  • 4. ‘City Shapes’ courtesy of Eveline Kotai’s website.
  • 5. ‘Stitch Sampler’ courtesy of Eveline Kotai’s website.
  • 6. Eveline’s work from Neil’s studio tour.
  • 7. Eveline’s work from Neil’s studio tour.
  • 8. Eveline’s work from Neil’s studio tour.
  • 9. Eveline’s work from Neil’s studio tour.

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