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Image, Texture and Story

Local Western Australian artists have a role to play in creating images, textures and stories in our built environment.

Neil Cownie, Architect.

Stephanie Hammill Ceramic Artist

Stephanie Hammill is a ceramicist who mixes her own blend of clay to create unique work that ‘highlights the surface reaction between glaze and body’. Her work can incorporate [...]

Peter Zappa, Artist

When designing the Roscommon House, my clients expressed an interest in the house being suitable to accumulate artworks and sculpture over time. This led to the house being connected [...]

Penny Coss, Artist

I was on the look-out for Perth based artists whose work related to the underlying values of the new Floreat home, Roscommon House, that I was designing at the [...]

Ken Rasmussen, Artist

I enjoyed a wonderful morning in the studio of Perth based artist Ken Rasmussen, listening to Ken’s influences and the story in each of his works. Mosman Bay [...]

Giles Hohnen, Artist

I enjoyed a tour of the studio of artist Giles Hohnen in early 2018. His strikingly bold and organically shaped works seemed to be the perfect for Roscommon House. [...]

Eveline Kotai, Artist

I had been interested in the work of Eveline Kotai for some time before my partner Suzie and I were lucky enough to obtain one of her creations at [...]

Denise Pepper, Artist

Denise Pepper is a Perth based artist that works predominantly as a glass artist while also experimenting with diverse materials such as copper, acrylic and plastics. Denise’s work is [...]

Anna Kotai, Artist

Perth artist, Anna Kotai’s work spans drawing, stitching, printing and fashion design, in fact, all things textile. Across these mediums seems to be a common thread of fluid forms [...]