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I enjoyed a wonderful morning in the studio of Perth based artist Ken Rasmussen, listening to Ken’s influences and the story in each of his works.

Mosman Bay – Ken Rasmussen

Ken’s work is specific to place where he captures the essence of identifiable locations within Western Australia such as: the Perth city skyline, the Swan River, Rottnest Island, Margaret River, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, and Claremont.

In each of these abstract works the view point is generally from above allowing the viewer to hover over the identifiable places in the scene. Ken often uses bold colours to accentuate aspects of his work while the palette knife marks and carvings into the canvas bring detail and energy.

These works ranging from large to small, provide an excellent opportunity to enliven any interior space. These works will particularly speak to people who have had life experiences in the places of his subject matter.

It was interesting to learn of Ken’s earlier realist impressionist works as a painter where his viewpoint and technique was more conventional. Ken now seems to be allowing himself to be free of the constraints of convention to produce these wonderfully robust works.

From Ken’s website:

“Ken’s oil paintings are a window to the memories and experiences that light up our lives and connect us to the people we love the most.”

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