Builders Choice Magazine Interviews Neil

This interview appeared in the September 2018 issue of Builders Choice Magazine. Boutique Architecture... with Neil Cownie Holistic Passion, Innovative Design and Sustainable Vision Like life in general, the world of [...]

Urban Crusade: Swanbourne Bridge

An article in the local newspaper earlier this year caught my eye for a number of reasons. It detailed proposed design solutions by Main Roads to upgrade the Swanbourne rail bridge [...]

Hilton Design Competition

Last year we, along with 79 other entrants, took part in the Hilton Design Competition organised by the Department of Communities, the Australian Institute of Architects, the Office of the Government [...]

Urban Crusade – Success!

Last year I campaigned hard to save the South City Beach Kiosk - the only untouched remaining example of these great WA icons by architect Tony Brand - from threatened demolition. [...]

What About a Roof Garden In Your New Home?

Andrew Baranowski is Director of PLAN E, a commercial landscape architectural practice that provides a broad range of landscape architectural and urban design services. Andrew you're currently working with Neil on a new [...]