Designed for a home where elements within the house are consistently hand crafted and handmade, this dining room table, titled ‘Kiosk’, is a further example of the use of traditional crafted materials constructed using contemporary manufacturing processes.

Like the house itself, and the room in which this table is located, the dining table is designed to appear as a sculptural element that takes the form and reason from its surroundings.

The table top hovers over the vertical profiled legs, which reflects the interaction of the roof form over the walls of the local iconic City Beach Kiosk building. In seeking to create a house, and its interior, and contents that are ‘of their place’, this referencing was an important design generator with the intent to create a ‘sense of belonging’. It is important to note that the iconic City Beach Kiosk building was in danger of demolition by the local council at the time of the design process. The design of the house, and the design of the elements within, such as this dining table, stand as a testament to the importance of recognising and capturing the ‘sense of place’.

The plan form of the table takes its cue from the shapes used throughout the house in which it is located. There is a consistent use of curved edges to square or rectangular openings as is the case with the rounded corners of the dining table.

There is further referencing of elements of the house itself, in the use of the vertical scalloped profiled timber scotia. Throughout the house the vertical timber scotia has been used to clad internal walls, referencing the modernist period of the houses of the original suburban subdivision at the location of the house in the suburb of Floreat. This same scotia profile has been introduced to the table legs. These legs take on the round ended plan form of the table itself. The American Oak timber top and legs were stained to make a point of difference to the colour of the timber within the house itself. The chosen stain colour was selected to match the side table adjacent to the dining table in the dining room.

Yet more connections are made with the house using the quarter round brass edge profile to the perimeter of the table. The brass not only provides visual interest and detail, but it also functions to provide a durable hard-wearing perimeter to the table top.

The table received the Award of ‘Commendation’ in the 2018 Design Institute of Australia WA Product Design category.