This floor rug, titled ‘Sea Breeze’, is one component from our ‘Iconic Perth’ series of furniture pieces and objects that reference both ‘common’ and ‘iconic’ experiences that come with living in Perth. The floor rug represents the cool relief of the ‘sea breeze’ on a hot summers day in Perth.

The 3m x 4m floor rug was commissioned by the family at our Roscommon House for their enjoyment within their family room space. The vibrant colours provide a deliberate point of difference from the concrete and wood tones of the built fabric of the room and maintain a visual connection to the addition of other colourful loose furniture elements.

The rounded corners of the rug reflect the rounded shapes found throughout the house, where the roof plan form, void shapes and even the selected furniture display this fluid ‘roundness’ consistently.

The linear flashes of aligned strips of tufted panels across the floor rug, were designed to reflect the emotive relief that one feels with the arrival of Perth’s ‘sea breeze’.

Together, the four chosen colours; ‘Midnight’, ‘Indigo’, ‘Aqua’ & ‘Taupe’, along with the contrasting strip widths and the angular cut ends to each of each coloured panel represent the turbulent nature of the wind.

In the adjacent external court area, we designed a complimentary outdoor dining table, also evoking the feel of the sea breeze.