• Eric St Residence
  • Indian Ocean Apartment Cottesloe 7

Award: Interior Design Award | Institute of Architects

Featured: 50 of the World's Best Apartments | Book

This is a site that has fantastic opportunities to look at the ocean with a northern aspect. It is at the top of the first dune back from the beach at Cottesloe Beach. There’s three apartments designed for empty-nesters who want to travel the world. They can lock-and-leave and live life in a different way in which they had before. To accommodate people leaving their large suburban house I’ve put in lots of storage. Each apartment has three car bays. There’s lots of storage. Far more storage than you’d usually have in an apartment. They’re generous floor plan areas. It’s not such a culture shock to move from your large house to an apartment.

They all have access to north and all have fantastic views of the ocean. The living/kitchen/dining room areas open onto the north-facing terrace. We’ve used different palettes of materials in each of the three apartments. One of them being in grey tones and deep walnuts to create a mature feel. This apartment received the interior design award for the Institute of Architects. In one of the other apartments, we’ve gone for sort of more limestone, soft, mutual sort of palette. That apartment featured in a book on “50 of the World’s Best Apartments”.

Image credits: Rob Frith.