This table, titled ‘Sea Breeze’, is one component from our ‘Iconic Perth’ series of tables and objects that reference both ‘common’ and ‘iconic’ experiences that come with living in Perth. The table represents the cool relief of the ‘sea breeze’ on a hot summers day in Perth.

The linear flashes of aligned tile strips cut across the 1.6m diameter table top were designed to reflect the emotive relief of Perth’s ‘sea breeze’.

Together, the four chosen colours; two shades of blue, a putty and a white, along with the angular cut ends to each tile represent the turbulent nature of the wind.

Standard 300 x 300 vitrified tiles were chosen for their economy of supply and due to their consistent colour through the depth of the cut tiles. A pattern was devised which required the standard 300 x 300 tiles to be water jet cut to the required widths and angular ends. This ‘jigsaw puzzle’ pattern was then diagrammatically referenced to the cut tiles to allow ease of installation into the substructure by the tiler.

The base of the table is constructed from mild steel plate, fabricated to the ‘wine glass’ profile. The ‘fluid’ cross section profile of the base is intended to have an aerodynamic feel; relating again to the flow of the wind.

The base has been finished in a white two pack paint finish to achieve durability and a ‘sleek’ base the separate the table top form the earthier tones of the surrounding paving surface.

The table was commissioned by the family at our Roscommon House for their enjoyment of everyday outdoor eating in their courtyard space. The table comfortably seats 8 people, with the complimentary Tait Furniture ‘Volley’ outdoor chairs selected to pair with the table.

In the adjacent family room, we designed a complimentary floor rug, also evoking the feel of the sea breeze.