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The Future of the Swanbourne Village

The existing Swanbourne Village precinct is an excellent model for the StateGovernments METRONET policy. Despite this there are several Local and StateGovernment initiatives that could threaten the very survival of this functioning ‘village’ atmosphere.

The Town of Claremont have initiated a study that considers the implications of increased density for the Claremont Crescent fronting existing commercial strip. The council asked the local community for their feedback on the proposed study. I applaud the council for taking this initiative. If only the Town of Cottesloe could also take such initiatives in projecting future growth to the local centre.

I have provided my own feedback to the Town of Claremont’s density study here. View here.

Main Roads WA has a planning proposal in place to remove the old Swanbourne railway bridge and replace it with a new one. There are a lot of issues with the proposed approach, and as a community we could have something so much better.

Below you will find a series of articles that look at the current bridge proposal and the issues. You’ll see examples of bad bridge redevelopments and many good ones. A good bridge will help build the community, and this means taking into account the local community residents, schools, businesses as well as road and public transport users.

I believe we need to have a much broader planning process that takes into account these other considerations. I’ve suggested some ideas for a better way to help community discussion. Read the articles below, or you can click the picture to the right and skip straight to a suggested idea for a New Swanbourne Village Scheme.

Neil Cownie, Architect.

#1 Old Swanbourne Bridge

Here you can see the Swanbourne bridge and the Swanbourne village as it was in the early 1890’s. R G Oldham's Railway Station & Shops The bridge [...]

#2 Third Avenue Bridge

My fear is that without a review of process in the design of a replacement bridge in Swanbourne Village, we could very well end up with a new bridge [...]

#3 Seventh Avenue

What can we learn from examining the current Seventh Avenue Bridge and its predecessor? At the site of the existing bridge there is a convenient reminder of the history [...]

#4 Mt Lawley Station Bridge

The steel footbridge at Mt Lawley Train Station is the only access to the railway platform. What looks to be a temporary structure, is in fact a collection of [...]

#5 Swanbourne Aboriginal History

With the design of any new object, that object can provide relevance and meaning beyond its purely utilitarian purpose. Bringing additional meaning through the incorporation of relevant references in [...]

#6 Swanbourne European History

European influence in the Swanbourne precinct seems to have commenced around the late 1880. From the State Heritage WA website: "Claremont Crescent developed from the late 1880s with a [...]

#7 Swanbourne Hotel

The former Swanbourne Hotel (Inter-War Art Deco) was located on the corner of Claremont Crescent and Franklin Street, now the site of ‘The Beaumont’ aged care building. The loss [...]

#8 Koombana Bay Bridge

The Koombana Bay Footbridge over The Plug in the Leschenault Inlet in Bunbury is an example of a ‘design’ led solution and the value that such an approach brings [...]

#9 BIG Bridge Copenhagen

I discovered this bridge while experiencing the 2016 Dulux / Design Institute of Australia DIAlogue Scholarship tour. This incredibly simple bridge is adjacent to the ‘Mountain Dwellings’ residential development [...]

#10 Circle Bridge Copenhagen

This is another bridge that I discovered while experiencing the ‘Cirkelbroen’ bridge was designed by artist Olafur Elisson. This bridge is quite incredible and almost needs to be seen [...]

#11 Tulhus Bridge – Erik Andersson

While on the 2016 Dulux / Design Institute of Australia DIAlogue Scholarship tour we met with the Stockholm based architect Erik Andersson. We spent time in his office discussing [...]

#12 RV73 Bridge – Erik Andersson

The Swedish National Road Administration commissioned Erik Andersson Architects to lead the design of all twenty new bridges within the new 57-kilometre-long ‘Motorway 73’ project. From the architect’s website: [...]

#14 Ruyi Bridge – China

This bridge serves pedestrians and cyclists, and was completed in Chengdu, China in 2018. The bridge was designed by ZZHK Architects. The bridge has been named ‘Ruyi’ after a [...]

#16 Bat Bridge – Next Architects

This new 25metre long bridge was designed by NEXT Architects and is located in the town of Monster, Netherlands. The concrete, brick and timber clad bridge is located along [...]

#18 Dawson’s Garden Centre

The Dawson's Garden Centre within the Swanbourne Village forms an integral part of the success of the local commercial centre. The garden centre draws people from outside the immediate [...]

#19 Swanbourne Village

The railway was laid in 1881 through land in the locality that is now Swanbourne as owned by Patrick Quinn, a Military Pensioner (Hillbrick, LN1977 IN pas Region – [...]

#20 Cottesloe Central Bridge

In researching bridges in the vicinity of Swanbourne Village, I came across the book ‘Heritage of Pines: a history of the town of Cottesloe Western Australia’ written by Ruth [...]

#21 Showgrounds Bridge

The Post Newspaper recently reported the official opening of the Ashton Avenue Bridge (otherwise known as the Showgrounds Bridge) by Transport Minister Rita Saffioti (15.9.19). The $10millon dollar bridge [...]

#22 Art Overlays

The difference between a utilitarian solution where the driving force is simply a compliance to standards and that of a ‘design led’ solution is the consideration of a broader [...]

#25 Swanbourne Village – A Better Way

The Swanbourne Village precinct has history and a unique village atmosphere. The bridge redevelopment offers a chance to create a unique transport-oriented ‘town centre’, and the potential to unlock [...]