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Stephanie Hammill is a ceramicist who mixes her own blend of clay to create unique work that ‘highlights the surface reaction between glaze and body’.

Her work can incorporate material form location such as red dirt from the Kimberly or sand from a local beach. It is this distinction of place that first caught my attention.

It was however her work with ceramic repair in the Japanese art of ‘Kintsugi’, where cracks are repaired using a lacquer and gold powder to celebrate the history of the object.

Every repaired piece then becomes unique due to the irregular patterns in the breakage then becoming the accentuated join lines highlighted in gold.

Stephanie’s work with ‘Kintsugi’ ceramics was the perfect fit for the Roscommon House project where all of the materials in the building and interior celebrated the fact that they could age gracefully in their imperfect state.

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